Ford Focus Electric Priced Higher than Nissan Leaf?

The Ford Focus Electric Forum has been buzzing with discussions on the 2012 Ford Focus Electric Price and how it might compare to existing electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf. With more electric vehicles planned to roll out in the next 2 years, Ford has to be careful with how they price the Ford Focus Electric. Too cheap makes people feel worried about the reliability of the Ford Focus Electric, but too high of a price will make people turn to purchase a different electric vehicle.

The general consensus is that the Ford Focus electric price will be lower than the Nissan Leaf price. Although this is all speculation, the Ford Focus Electric Forum has many knowledgeable people on it, including many industry experts and some Nissan Leaf owners.

Most people on the Ford Focus Electric forum were even considering buying the Nissan Leaf, but since Nissan is so far behind on orders, they think it will be a better bet to go with the Ford Focus Electric – as long as the price is manageable.

Since the Nissan Leaf is a pure electric vehicle, and the Ford Focus Electric uses and shares a pre-existing chassis, many think that will allow Ford to out price the Nissan Leaf. However, there are others that, with the limited specs available on the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, feel that the batteries and other vehicle components will be of higher quality. THe cost of batteries have changed over the past years, and the Ford Focus Electric’s batteries could cost half the price of the batteries used in the Nissan Leaf electric car. In addition Ford will be making their own battery packs, rather than hiring another company to build the Ford Focus Electric battery packs for them – thus resulting in a Ford Focus Electric price that is higher than the Nissan Leaf.

What are your thoughts on the Ford Focus Electric Price? The My Focus Electric website has an interesting page on the Ford Focus Electric Price here.

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